Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finished- and a day early

I am so relieved. I did it. It isn't very good but it is 50,000 words and that is more than I have every written and that was my challenge. That's two challenges down one to go. The first was to write a short story in 24 hours (for an on line contest) did that!
Second was to do NaNoWriMo. Done! The third and last is to prepare and submit a piece somewhere, anywhere and get that first rejection letter. That is next!!! I think I intended to do it all in a year but I can't remember when I set these challenges for myself, will have to go back and look, but realistically I know I will NOT get no. 3 done before Jan 1. I think I will have to set a date in say Feb. or March for that!!!


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canary said...

Thanks. It was such a long haul but I learned so much from the experience. Now I have to think about Christmas...yikes! I do wish the NANO month was Sept or Oct not Nov.

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