Monday, September 22, 2008

From Deborah

I look in on Deborah Gayapong's blog occasionally and this time when I did I found her promoting her new book The Defilers. It sounds like an interesting book and different than a lot of crime or mystery thrillers on the market. It also has not only a Canadian setting which you might expect from a Canadian author (these days anyway) but also a Nova Scotia setting.

One reviewer summarises the book this way:

Best New Canadian Christian Author Deborah Gyapong delivers a layered spiritual thriller told through the eyes of protagonist Linda Donner, a Mountie who finds herself entangled in a demonic murder, drug, kiddie porn drama spanning the globe. While Linda and her partner, Will, and pastor, David, fight the dark forces that have ensnared the town of South Dare, Linda must also fight her own personal demons and find a faith that was shattered years before by sexual abuse she suffered by a priest.

Fast-paced, authentic, intelligent and engaging with a satisfying ending, I would highly recommend this novel.

The plot deals difficult and unsavory subject matter but the readers who reviewed this felt she dealt with it well. Had to notice though that the fictional place in Nova Scotia is called "South Dare". The protagonist is:

posted to (fictional) Sterling County in rural Nova Scotia. There she encounters the community of South Dare, whose residents wear greasy red and green checked shirts, live in tarpaper shacks with satellite TV dishes, and are afraid of outsiders--especially the police.

Doesn't exactly paint rural NS in a good light and considering the child abuse angle ... could she have been modeling this "community" on south mountian in the Valley? Just a thought. In any case, it is a book I will be looking out for. Should be a worthwhile read.

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