Monday, December 08, 2008

Books for a trip

Again I haven't posted for a long while. I have been so sporadic it is embarrassing. I can't use the excuse of my daughter's wedding any more as I did last year, but I have been busy.

I signed up for Nanowrimo again this November. I didn't win this time round but I did have a lot of fun attending two write-ins at the coffee shop downtown and I did get 15,000 words down which might be the kernel of a book some day. And I discovered Write or Die which is an invaluable aid to a tongue-tied author in training.

Now we are going to visit my daughter and son in law out west and I am planning what books to take with me. Trip books have to be of a certain type don't you think? Something which will keep me absorbed but that don't require too much deep thought. Something well written but not too mentally challenging. Mysteries are often good. Or perhaps a really interesting biography. Any suggestions? I will need, at a conservative estimate, at least 4 books for the first part of the trip since we will be 3 days on the train going through the Rockies and I can often finish a book in an afternoon. I am so looking forward to that part of the expedition. It should be relaxing and I hope to not only get some reading in but some writing as well.

I don't know if I will be able to post from the train but I may be able to post at different times along the way. That would be fun and perhaps revive the habit of getting my thoughts down here. Getting away from the busy routine of home and group responsibilities should help.

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jodi said...

A train ride through the Rockies should be beautiful this time of year.

I just finished A Small Town in Germany by John LeCarre. I liked it but I only read a chapter a night. His books are not easy reads for me and take me awhile to digest so don't think that I could recommend that for a trip.

Sarah Graves has a good mystery series. Elaine Viets has a mystery series - about a heroine that works dead end jobs that is good also. Mary Daheim is also good both series.

Have fun on your trip!!

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