Sunday, March 02, 2008

I must read this

My next book should be this one, based on this review.

A deeply consequential, wonder-filled, grand quest for truth, the book revels in beauty, honor and the silent grace of winter. It has a flying white horse; overpoweringly tender love; breathtaking vistas; swoon-inducing language worthy of Blake, Whitman and, yes, Shakespeare; hard-souled villains; bridges that span time as well as rivers; the most profound and passionate city-as-character construct ever put to paper; hilarity and courage and illumination and memory conjoined; great tragedy and messianic fire and impassible storms and a white cloud wall prophesied to turn pure gold.

Sounds wonderful and I am ready for such a book. I feel I need such a book.

So Winter’s Tale is Harry Potter for grown-ups, C.S. Lewis for agnostics, Tolkien for the fully matriculated, García Márquez for everyone. Equally a man’s book and a woman’s book, a towering achievement most writers would cut off an arm to write, easily the age’s most optimistic serious work, it has the gravitas and the heft of a hydroelectric turbine, rumbling deep in your fundament and shooting magnetized electrons into your ether.

If our civilization survives, we will venerate this beautiful, ringing masterpiece of a novel hundreds of years from now. I dare you, whoever and whatever you are, to read it and not be moved.

I can hardly wait.


jar said...

Have you started reading this one yet? I got it from the library but have decided due to the length that it is a someday buy book instead. It feels like a book that I may want to take notes on and write in but I could just be letting the size of the book influence me.

canary said...

I sheepishly have to say no. I want to get it but haven't got around to even getting to the book store. I plead wedding. Our daughter is getting married this summer and I am swamped with things to do. But I do want to buy it. I am reading, however. Presently I almost finished reading The Power of Now by Tolle. I should do a post on it. A VERY powerful idea although I am not sure the writing has the impact the idea deserves.It is also a book to read and reread, not a library choice.

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