Monday, July 03, 2006

Poor finish

I finished The Club Dumas a few nights ago and I have been thinking what to say ever since. I was disappointed by the ending. That is the first thing, but that is not enough. I was disappointed because the book promised more and that cannot just be written off. There is something to be learned- by the author and by me (amateur writer) and that is to finish strong.

The Club Dumas finish was hurried and the unravelling of the plot in one way too simple and in the other too obtuse and not really explanatory of the events the author had presented up to then: if the Club Dumas really was a harmless society interested only in the handwritten Dumas chapter then why did their henchman level a gun at the protaganist, for example? The reader feels gypped by this. Well, I did. Then the very separate denoument of the Nine Doors Book - a book collector descending into madness or what? The real calling of the devil, thwarted? Not really clear.

I would still recommend the book and I will still try to read other books by this author. But if I was his editor I would have a lot to say [ are there any go0d editors anymore???? This is one of my almost constant plaints!!!]


jar said...

Have you read The Book Thief yet? My best read of the summer so far. Well written from beginning to end. I agree with you about the disappointment of books that end badly.

canary said...

Another good tip. Another book I'll look forward to reading. Thank you!

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