Thursday, July 06, 2006

Boggled at the Bookstore

One of my favorite places is a book store but it is also very daunting. SO many books and SO many choices. And every one of them different and interesting in some way. Well, to me anyway. It is mind boggling isn't it the range of human thought? I always have trouble choosing.

But today I had a few titles in mind. First I checked on The Wreckage by Michael Crummy - our next Lit Wits book- to see if it was out in paperback yet. Nope, not yet. Then I wanted to find The Book Thief that "jar" said was so good. Waaah. They didn't have it. I mean I looked on their database and everything. Looks like I will have to order it on line from Amazon! So far I was striking out and getting a bit discouraged.

Well, not too discouraged. There were lots of other books to console me. I saw Memoirs of a Geisha which will be on our list next season so I picked that up. Then I wanted to follow up on Linda's tip so I picked up one of the Bookman mysteries by John Dunning - The Bookman's Wake. While in the mystery section I saw a book titled Bookmarked to Die, by Jo Dereske. Since I seem to be on a "books about books kick" I thought why not? I headed for the cash register and on the way I saw The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. Another author club book! I had to get that didn't I ?

I managed to close my eyes and ears to the lovely assortment of journals sirening me from the display near the check out. As my discount card expired 4 days ago- d___- I was lucky to get out for under $80 Books are expensive aren't they? But worth every penny.

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jar said...

Memoirs of a Geisha is very good.

I have the same problem at the library. So many books and now that I can reserve books online I seem to always have a stack next to my bed. There are also the ones that I've bought thinking that I will read them this summer. But there is still time :-)

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