Friday, March 17, 2006

My Library

I've just added "my library" from See the button in the left column. I started with recent books discussed in our LitWits book circle. I intend to add more from that list and then add more of my bookshelf and then a wish list. I often hear about a book and say- I'd like to read that- and then forget about it. This way I won't forget! I guess it's my librarian background that makes this "fun" for me. Others might find it tedious and it does take a bit of time but I think readers of this blog may find it interesting to see what I am reading and compare my reviews with other readers of the same books. Not all books are for all readers and after a while I would think that if you see a reader who has similar tastes you could then see what they are reading and be confident that a certain book would suit you.

I chose the bibliophil program over the other jazzier one mainly because it was less commercial but I have to say the other one looked a bit more user friendly.


jar said...

Thanks for putting up the list. I am almost finished with the Constant Gardener which is good as I have a Jodi Picoult book due Monday night for bookclub.

canary said...

The copy of the Constant Gardener I had was a big book but it was one of those in "easy on the eyes" print so I kept telling myself that's why it was so fat. But there was some fat that could have been trimmed also. That was one of my criticisms. Why is it that authors who have made their name don't discipline themselves better? Their editors, I guess, don't dare.

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