Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bedside reading

I am wading through Lynne Truss's second comic novella in the Lynne Truss Treasury entitled Tennyson's gift. I think I would like it if I was as knowledgeable as LT is about Tennyson and Dodgeson, Ellen Terry and everyone connected with that circle, which obviously the author is. It would be very witty I am sure if I was in the know. I loved her first one in the anthology which required only a more general knowledge.

I learned something very important, as a writer, though from this... if you write about a rather narrow subject which you know very well, you should make sure you give enough little "handrails" along the way for readers who are subject deficient. Those who are in the know can skip through them but they are invaluable props for us limping along behind.

I had better start Adultery. I should get over my reluctance.


mamie said...

I just finished "Adultery" and found it an interesting read that gave me plenty to think about. Are you being put off by the title?

canary said...

I am not sure why I am reluctant. Yes, as a subject it doesn't interest me- male infidelity and subsequent (probably deserved- consequences)But also I read a previous book of Wright's Clara Callan. It was about female indiscretion and the consequences, so I am thinking...take the same idea, switch the gender and hey - new book. I may be surprised. I STILL haven't started it. I am almost finished Tennyson's gift... shame on me, I should be long past that by now.

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