Friday, June 19, 2009

Jane Austen atwitter

As my friends and family, and perhaps my few readers here might know, I am a Jane Austen fan. My daughter is perhaps following in my footsteps; she came across a cute and funny piece and posted the link on her facebook page. It is Pride and Prejudice played out as if the characters had twitter and blog technology. You perhaps have to be at least slightly familiar with twitter to appreciate the humour fully but if you are familiar with the plot and characters of Pride and Prejudice you will still "get" the joke. I'll copy an excerpt and if you like it you can read down to
LizzieB: @Darcy I heart you. Truly.
And don't neglect the music links!

A Mr Bingley--worth 50,000 followers a year--has joined Twitter! He's brought a friend, Mr Darcy--worth 100,000 followers a year! Pls RT

@JaneB @LizzyB @MaryBsaphorisms @KittyB @LydiaB I will have one of you girls married into internet fame yet. Just you wait.

@MrsB But mother, I think we can pull ourselves up by our dooce-straps just fine.

Blogcasting: How to find husbands for your daughters: http://tinyurl/momblog Now with free giveaway from our Etsy embroidery shop. Pls RT

@JaneB If I could love a man who would love me enough to take me for a mere 50 followers, I should be well pleased...
Oh @LizzyB, it is my ardent wish to marry 4 love. Love, respect AND dual laptops would be most agreeable. #iamdullbutpretty

Does anyone know what #Bingley is and why it’s suddenly the no. 1 trending topic?

@CubicleSurfer I think #Bingley’s a he and I’m pretty sure he just died.

@CubicleSurfer @BoredInTheBurbs No, I’m pretty sure #Bingley’s the new Idol. That doesn’t explain why he’s the no. 1 trending topic, tho.

It behooves us all to resist the temptation of #Idol chatter

I can’t believe I lost 5 followers with that last Tweet. What’s WRONG with you people?

@JaneB @LizzyB @MaryBsaphorisms @KittyB There's going to be a dance!!! Squeeee!!! I won't sit down all night.

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Laurel Ann said...

I have seen versions of this before. Too funnt. Thanks for sharing.

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And love is a thing that can never go wrong;
And I am Marie of Romania.
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