Saturday, January 05, 2008

A movie I won't miss

That is Atonement. The book is still in my top ten list of best books and I MUST see how it is interpreted on film. I like very much the website promoting the movie which I have linked above. It seems to set the mood very well which bodes well, I think, for the movie. Some good clips, too, without giving anything away.


mamie said...

Hi Canary,
I am really looking forward to seeing Atonement too, the bits I've seen advertised look absolutely wonderful! I see you are trying to get back to your blog on a regular basis. I must have been missing my blog writing as well as I have dusted off some of my brain cobwebs and tried a couple of book pieces in the past week. I hope to write more regularly too.

canary said...

Good. We'll have to keep each other honest. It is hard when you get out of a routine to get back in again, isn't it. This is a rut I want to return to!!

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