Friday, November 10, 2006

Playing Hooky

I should have been home writing my 2000 words. Instead I went to a movie. BUT it was a good movie for a wannbe writer to see - Stranger than Fiction which is based on a premise I actually used in one of the short pieces I wrote a couple of years ago, that is, an author who writes and his stories come true.
In this movie the author's main protaganist, Harold, an IRS auditor, becomes aware that he is a character in a book and that his creator is trying to bump him off. ( Why didn't I think of that!) Emma Thompson does a great job as the tortured writer with writer's block trying to figure out how to kill her hero. Dustin Hoffman plays an English prof who helps Harold find out who is directing his life and probably his death. There is a love interest for Harold and we, the viewers, get very attached to Harold and his life and don't want to see him die.

I won't spoil the ending for you as I recommend you go see this tragi-comic movie. It is better than the usual fluff you see on the screen these days. Now I should be inspired to write deathless purple prose shouldn't I? Well I should try anyway. I am way, way behind on my count.


jodi said...

I do hope that your book writing is going well. I got about two thousand words and realized that I was still writing an outline more than a story (which is the way I post). Finding the time was harder than I expected but the hardest was finding a topic. I settled on writing about a farm house that I pass every now and then that is quite interesting from the outside. (This after reading a quote from Pearl Buck which basically said don't worry about a topic, just write.)
I'm sure that yours is going better though as your blog is written so well. The flow of words is beautiful which is one of the reasons that I enjoy reading it so much. Anyway, good luck in these last few days. Jodi

canary said...

I'm afraid I have been playing hookey too often. I got a few thousand words done and then died. No way can I make my count in the time left. Maybe next year.

Thank you for your comments about my posts on the blog though. It really bucked me up!

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