Saturday, October 14, 2006

Getaway wrap up

We just got back from our annual anniversary getaway at our favorite spot. It was a lovely retreat to a riverside chalet with a wood fire to warm us and the sound of the river and a nearby brook to lull us to sleep.

It poured rain on the way up so the fall colours were hidden but the foggy shroud obscuring the hills and trees had its own beauty. The power went off about an hour after we arrived but we didn't really mind. We had a glass of wine by the fire and then headed to the main building for our supper reservation. The menu was restricted by the outage but luckily planked salmon, the specialite de la maison, depended only on an open fire and we enjoyed it just as much or more by candle light. I was almost disappointed when it came back on again a couple of hours later but I suppose I would have got even less reading done if it hadn't.

I hoped to get more done. Perhaps I was too relaxed! I had visions of finishing two books, working on my writing and my painting all the while drinking in the natural beauty of the spot. I was a bit ambitious. I did finish The Double Life of Anna Day but didn't finish Saturday ( and I have to do that before Tuesday's book club meeting! I do want to do it justice as I can see it is a powerful book.) I did work on my painting and probably gave it more time than I should have but I got quite engrossed and the time just flew by. I didn't get any writing done at all. It seems to be the poor sister [ is there a better simile?] and gets left behind in my list.

My friend Mamie has posted a photo of one of the painting she has on exhibit at the hospital . Rather than do the same I will post one of the one I am working on, my work in progress. I am only at the underpainting stage but I have high hopes for it.

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mamie said...

Hi Canary,
I think you have the makings of a good composition here. I like the diagonals leading across the work and I see you used the rule of thirds very well. What I really like is that this will be a different 'blue rocks' painting than some you see. Check your perspective on the right hand side of the foremost building.

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