Thursday, June 22, 2006

A book about Books

I enjoy books that have to do with books in some way. Usually they are non-fiction, perhaps about writing or about reading, such as Margaret Drabble's A Writer's Britain; Landscape in Literature. but sometimes they are fiction books. I enjoyed Chasing Shakespeares by Sarah Smith for example about Shakespeare's real identity which involved "reading" clues from his plays and his life.

I have come across another book of that ilk, called The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It is translated from the Spanish and is not an easy read in some ways as it is quite involved with lots of detail about antiquarian books and many clues to absorb but I am enjoying the mystery of it very much. I would like to see the movie which was made from the book, by Polanski ( The Ninth Gate starring Johnny Depp) I hadn't heard of it so missed it when it came out -good movies never seem to come here- but I will have to look for it on DVD.

My enjoyment of this book makes me want to also read this author's previous book, The Flander's Panel a murder mystery involving a painting.


Linda said...

I really enjoyed the Sarah Smith book, and also enjoy the 'Bookman' murder mystery series (John Dunning) - books about books are wonderful!

canary said...

Thanks for the comment. And thanks for the tip about the bookman series; I have heard about them and must read one.

Want to add that I LOVE your Great Pumpkin blog. I will be a frequent reader. I am also a big fan of C.S. Lewis -as you can see from previous posts - AND Tolkien, but like you I have too many favorites to mention. Also love Big Band music. It is the BEST music to dance to.

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