Thursday, February 03, 2005

Book Lust

“There are many many books. And all the time more books are coming. It is difficult to read them all.” Mma Ramotswe says in The Full Cupboard of Life.

So many books, so little time. So true. What to do? I find help in the Globe Social Studies section which passes on a report in USA Today:

Nancy Pearl librarian and author of a book of reading recommendations, Book Lust , suggests readers use a rule of 50: If you are 50 yrs old or younger give every book 50 pages before you commit yourself to reading it. If you are over 50 since you have less of your life left you should subtract your age from 100 which gives you the number of pages you should read before you give it up. If you are 100 or over, judge the book on its cover!

Hmmm What's my number?

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