Saturday, January 29, 2005

dropped yods,eh?

Dear, dear. What is Canada coming to with young folk dropping their yods and their ehs?
And I was always so careful to say news not nooz. I guess that means stoo instead of stew for dinner. How would I tell you about pruning my yew? Are we going to end up saying oonity instead of unity I wonder? And how about that nose wrinkling EW when we come across something disgusting? Somehow OOO just doesn't do it for me. There will always be raised dipthongs in our house. And as for eh. I just can't believe that will disappear. What WILL the comics do and how will anyone indicate a Canadian in so few words without it?


Karin Kydland said...

What's a "yod?"

canary said...

"A yod is what linguists call the palatal glide one brings to the pronunciation of words such as 'news' (nyooz), 'tune' (tyoon) and 'student' (styoodent)". I was reacting to an article in the Globe of this morning by Michael Valpy on the recent conference on Canadian English -I've added a link to the article.

Thanks for looking in.

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